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Designers Guild Geometric Wallpapers

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Designers Guild’s range of contemporary geometric patterned wallpapers and wall-coverings perfectly suits the modern trend for more minimalist, abstract design in the interior. Whether retro or urban, our geometric wallpapers combine simplicity of design with a rich array of unique finishes and surface textures from beading, to lacquered, mica or metallic finishes. Perfect for a more contemporary space or to give a twist to a more traditional room, our geometric wallpapers will add rhythm and create interest to your home. Choose from our range of bold to more tailored patterns to create a truly stylish living space that will intrigue and captivate.

Our library of wallpaper and wallcovering designs are available in an extensive range of colours from subtle neutral and natural tones to brighter, bolder shades. Our geometric wallpapers coordinate beautifully with our extensive range of plain and textured papers to complete your scheme.

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