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Élitis | Mirages Furniture Collection

The collection Mirages takes us back to our roots. Innovation carries an authentic, almost primary dimension, where natural elements are key. Forces of nature, water and sun, wind and fire, were humbly guided by the hand of the craftsman towards a new decorative route.

Antique oak, the value of time The origins of antique oak lie in the old Central European dwellings of the 18th and 19th centuries. Logs were transformed here into thick rough boards and then fitted together to form the walls and structures of small rural residences. 200 years later, the eroded surfaces and worn appearance of the wood are the natural result of wear over time and exposure to light. The orientation and exposure period of the oak to weathering are fundamental to the present appearance of the boards. Carefully selected, they reveal a distinctive and deep grain texture, a changing and natural shade without any artifice, allowing them to enter into a new age today. Carved and charred basswood, by hand and fire On raw wood, hand carved vibrant checkerboard seems unfinished. With precision and care, an initial fire burns the surface of the wood. The gesture is repeated until a proper combustion is obtained, revealing a cracked material, charred to a unique black. An extraordinary finish is born from this random precision, where fire and wood are torn between struggle and seduction, revealing a color and texture uniting as one. Black Sahara marble, a stone textile Seeking out ore in the heart of the earth induces something special and magical. This particular one, extracted from the depths of the Tunisian desert is amazing. It took millions of years of fossilization of black gold to obtain the present morphology of the stone. Natural white and saffron veins intersect on a base of dark thin layers in a unique design, evoking a handcrafted African weaving. Rusted steel, a modern relic This thick and sturdy steel is the common basis for each piece. Shaped into corner pieces or tripods, highlighted by a large welding wire laid by hand, its base offers a minimalistic and reassuring look. Time is on its side, its "Corten" finish with a rust appearance has been revealed after more than 20 days of oxidation, giving it a weathered finish in orange-brown shades, as well as an antique and raw appearance, reflecting an ultimate modern touch.

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