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Pierre Frey | Natecru Collection

In 1980, Patrick Frey formed the concept of NATECRU, a term combining two words: "naturel" and "ecru". The idea was - at the time and again today - to create a collection of various textures using natural fibers only and limited to a few neutral colorways. NATECRU is a real exercise in weaving, where natural textures such as hemp, linen, wool, cotton, silk, and cashmere are embellished by the quality of the yarns, the weave and the finish. The result is a contemporary collection, at once minimalist, raw, comfortable and refined.

A large part of the collection is woven in northern France in our workshops bearing the prestigious "EPV" label awarded to companies committed to preserving their living heritage. This label is very selectively awarded by the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment to French firms with traditional know-how and to outstanding manufacturers.

#newcollections #natural #raw #weaving #fibers #neutral #hemp #linen #wool #cotton #silk #cashmere #minimalist #woven #pierrefrey

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