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Élitis | Coco Shells

Under their crowns of leaves, coastal palm trees, let’s say coconut trees, drop their fruits on the sand. And coconut transforms into shells. Sawn spheres preserve their curves, reflecting the coast. Semi plains or patterns fit together while making their mark on natural and precious casings resulting from a faraway craft. Under the sun of the archipelago, patience and meticulousness unite to give us their finest work.


4 designs in this Collection: Palawan / Camarines / Mindanao / Visayas

Plus product : Handcrafted product Composition : 100% Coconut on polyester mesh backing Care : Spongeable Width +/- 3% : Piece of 30 cm (12") X 30 cm (12") Pattern match : Mosaic panels Sales units : Unit Weight : 137.5 oz per sq.m²


For more information: preview and download the brochure here

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