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The company is a family-owned enterprise and therefore management is onsite and available with a hands-on approach at all times. Regular market research, careful planning and coordination and constant communication, allow for a unified team of experts that have the capacity to handle all networks of sales with the highest efficiency.

Most importantly, management invests time and energy in building and solidifying new or existing client relationships, thereby securing the future of the business through customer satisfaction and loyalty.


As of today, our company in Cyprus has more than 140 years of history. Our continuous focus on high-end brands and quality products has been tantamount in the establishment of our proven track record and our recognized name.

The company was founded in 1878 by Loizos I. Christofides. At the time our founder focused on importing high-end materials and fabrics for haúte couture gowns and dresses, mainly sourced from Italy and France. This pioneering mode of trade, for the time, sealed the company’s image as a distributor of high-end fabrics and a specialist in fashion counseling. In the early 1950s, ready-made clothing began appearing for retail and hence tailored garments began losing their appeal. The firm immediately recognized this threat to its business model and decided to switch its philosophy to interior design, fabrics, wall coverings, wall papers, furniture and home accessories. 

In 1963, our showroom transforms from a retail store to a modern design center, where the firm is expanding to this day, five generations later.

Our company was established in Greece in 1987 and has since become one of the largest distributors of top-end international brands in the Greek market. 

In 1984 our company expands its sales network in Limassol with the opening of a retail store.


Today, our companies continues to break new ground in the realm of fabric and design and is true to its roots of continuously offering its clientele the most high-end and the very best of quality products and materials.


Retail, Distribution and Contract Projects

Our sales network is divided between three tiers, retail, distribution and contracts. All networks are supported by our highly competent team of associates and provides for excellent customer service and 24/7 after-sales support, thereby securing a long-term and standing relationship amid our company, our products and our clientele-base.

Eurotextile has garnered an impressive portfolio of long-established corporate clientele. As exclusive distributors to some of the world’s most recognised brands, we specialise in unique and resilient fabrics, such as fire retardant, as well as durable carpets, carpet tiles, rugs and wallpapers - especially suitable for restaurants, hotels, yachts and public areas. 


Throughout the years, we have substantially increased our range of products to incorporate new and unique brands, focusing on comfort, style, ease of use and quality. An innovative approach to indoor and outdoor fabrics, wallpapers and wallcoverings, rugs & carpets, cushions, throws, bed linen, table linen, bath linen, beach towels and furniture.

Our range expands further into more specialized products such as electrical blinds, carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles. 

We also manufacture bespoke sofas, seating systems, stools, headboards, poufs, mattresses for built in sofas, bags, aprons and lighting.



Our showroomS, Sylloges, are situated in the heart of Athens and in the southern suburbs.

It would be our pleasure to have you visit us to view our line of exclusive materials and products.

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